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November 4, 2012 – 1 p.m.

NYSEG Continues to Bolster Storm Restoration Efforts
Team of 3,000 on Duty
Additional Crews Secured
Progress Made Despite Serious Damage

Brewster and Liberty, NY – NYSEG continues to mobilize additional crews and equipment for the significant restoration efforts underway in full force in its Brewster and Liberty Divisions due to the unprecedented damage to its electricity delivery system from Hurricane Sandy.

“Our employees and contractors continue their excellent work to restore service and we appreciate our customers’ patience as our crews and support personnel work diligently. We’re grateful for their outstanding performance, often under difficult conditions,” said Mark Lynch, president, NYSEG and RG&E. “Resources continue to be secured to further bolster our restoration efforts and we’re using these skilled individuals in an efficient manner to restore power safely, and as quickly as possible. The additional crews are being added as they are released from utilities and contractors across the country and from Canada.” 

Accomplishments since yesterday:

  • No injuries or accidents within the work force.
  • Total crews mobilized thus far: 518, including crews from as far away as Nova Scotia, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Minnesota. 
  • Restoration of service to numerous vital facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. 
  •  A steady decrease in the number of customer outages.

In NYSEG’s Brewster Division, 48,640 (64%) of the 75,738 customers who lost power have had service restored and in NYSEG’s Liberty Division, 20,380 (72%) of the 28,772 customers who lost power have had service restored. “Our crews will continue to work 17-hour shifts – including some that will work through the night – until all customers are restored,” Lynch said.  

Current Power Interruption Counts
Westchester County 17,500
Sullivan County  7,100   
Putnam County  6,700    
Dutchess County 1,600 
The company expects that virtually all customers will have power restored by midnight Wednesday, November 7. Customers are reminded that as assessment is completed, we sometimes find additional damage or areas that remain inaccessible which may extend restoration times.  Additionally, inclement weather can further impact restoration times – the company is closely monitoring a nor’easter that may possibly reach the area mid-week.

As damage assessment is completed, estimated restoration times are established for each outage; customers may find these at http://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/outagenotification.aspx or 1.800.572.1131.

The company continues to be in contact with its life support and critical care customers, and will distribute dry ice and bottled water again today and for the duration of the event.

For more details and the latest outage numbers, visit: http://www.nyseg.com/Outages/outageinformation.html

Safety Reminders

  • Stay away from downed power lines – even lines that appear “dead” can be deadly. Customers are also warned that attempting to cut NYSEG wires or remove metal places them in extreme danger.  
  • Stay out of flooded basements because energized wiring or outlets below the water line may pose a hazard. Natural gas service in a flooded basement may also pose a danger. If a basement or home is in danger of flooding, customers should contact their utilities to turn off electricity and/or natural gas service.
  • Emergency generators can be dangerous. Carefully read, understand and follow manufacturer’s instructions when operating an emergency generator. Never run emergency generators indoors; operate them only outdoors in well-ventilated areas, away from windows and doors, and never in a garage.
  • For electricity emergencies and to report power interruptions, NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1131; RG&E customers should call 1.800.743.1701.
  • For natural gas emergencies and to report suspected natural gas odors, NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1121; RG&E customers should call 1.800.743.1702. (If you smell natural gas, get up, get out and contact your natural gas utility from a neighbor’s phone.)